Eff Pan Pottery is a Naarm-based ceramic venture by Singaporean artisan Frankie Pan (he/him). During the pandemic, while many baked sourdough, Frankie turned to the wheel, throwing and hand building a blend of elegant, dark and whimsical pieces in his home studio. Specializing in both artisanal homewares and playful sculptures, Frankie draws inspiration from his Chinese heritage and infuses his creations with a vibrant blend of film, music, and pop culture influences. A diverse variety of items ensures that people can access handcrafted ceramics from Eff Pan Pottery at a broad range of prices.

Items listed as sold out on the website are not necessarily accurate as Frankie is always making new stock. If you're interested in a particular piece, you can contact him via email to check for it's availability. For daily updates, please visit Frankie on his instagram.